How to Put Out a Campfire in Minecraft (2023)

How to Put Out a Campfire in Minecraft (2023)

It is pretty challenging to keep up with all Minecraft features even if you play it regularly. One of the newest features added in one of the latest updates is extinguishing a campfire. Read this guide, and you will find out how to put out a Campfire in Minecraft. Here are three of the best ways to do it in 2023.

Use a Shovel

The first and the most straightforward way to put out a Campfire is to use a shovel. Even though this tool was created for making paths on grass blocks, it works the same with Campfire. You only need to approach the Campfire and right-click on it.

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Use Water Bucket

The second way to put out a Campfire is to use a water bucket. You only need to take it into your hands and put it on the same block as Campfire. The only disadvantage of this way is that you should find a water source to fill up a bucket.

Use Water Bottle

The third and last way to put out a Campfire is to use a water bottle. You only need to make it at the brewing stand and then throw it into a Campfire to put it out. It is the most challenging way to put out a Campfire. So, it would be best to choose something from the previous options above.

If you want to put out a Campfire, take into account that it will be impossible to light it again. You should craft a new Campfire with the resources below to get fire.

  • Stick
  • Coal/Charcoal
  • 3 Wood

That’s it with putting out a Campfire in Minecraft. Even though many players don’t know about this mechanic, it might come in handy during survival. And while you are still here, make sure to read our guide on how to get Texture Packs for Minecraft Java Edition.

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How to Put Out a Campfire in Minecraft (2023)


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