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How to Predict Your Chest in Clash Royale

How to Predict Your Chest in Clash Royale

Like numerous mobile games, which are in fantastic demand among gamers, there is a big piece of random luck in Clash Royale. Therefore, players are interested in what chest is next in Clash Royale, and is it possible to find it out? The in-game features do not allow this.

Clash Royale Guide: How to Predict Your Chest on Ios and Android?

The in-game features do not allow you to check the drop from your next chest in Clash Royale.

Third-party resources come to the rescue, where there are special tables with characteristics. But they do not guarantee that they are 100% right. Search the Web for the StatsRoyale portal. Their website changes from time to time. Use only the official resource.

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There you can enter a gamertag, click on “Upcoming” and look at the predictions from the authors of the website. Practice shows that the accuracy is very high and exceeds 80%. This is due to built-in algorithms that developers do not advertise. 

The sequence is that the gradation increases in terms of rarity, which is useful to consider in the future. It all starts with Wooden, then goes Silver, Gold, and up to Royal. Such growth takes up to 200 cycles, so there is no hurry.

The final probability also varies (from Magical to Legendary). The process takes from three seconds to eight hours of real time. If you invest Gems, you get an increase in speed. 

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How to Predict Your Chest in Clash Royale


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