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How to Play With Friends in Yet Another Zombie Survivors

How to Play With Friends in Yet Another Zombie Survivors
Image via Awesome Games Studio

Awesome Games Studio’s latest game is finally here, and this time, we are taking the fight directly to the zombies in Yet Another Zombie Survivors! Pick a class, fight off seemingly endless hordes of zombies, and collect new weapons along the way. Looking to play with friends? Unfortunately, we have some bad news about how to play with friends in Yet Another Zombie Survivors.

Can you play with friends in Yet Another Zombie Survivors?

Yet Another Zombie Survivors is a Vampire Survivors style arcade shooter, where you start off relatively weak but progressively grow stronger as you take down hordes of enemies. Seems like the perfect game to be co-op, right?

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Unfortunately, Yet Another Zombie Survivors is a strictly single-player game. We know this comes as a huge disappointment to action game fans that love playing with their buddies, so here is Awesome Games Studios’ official response about co-op, taken straight from their Discord server:

“We build the game as a single-player experience, similar to most games in its genre. We might add it in the future, but for now, we’re focusing solely on the single player aspect to provide an awesome gameplay loop first and foremost. Thing with co-op part is that it takes not only tons of coding work, but also designing, testing & troubleshooting. Especially the online part of it. You’ll have to adapt to an endless number of hardware configurations communicating with each other, while trying to send positions of hundreds of enemies and other props on screen without too much lag and synchronization issues. Maybe, but much later.”

— Awesome Games Studio’s YAZS Frequently Asked Questions

There you have it. The developers want to focus on making the game as fun as possible first and foremost, while ironing out all the game play balances and kinks. They do not really have the resources to be tackling multiplayer and online net code at the moment.

Image via Awesome Games Studio

There is light at the end of the tunnel, though. While they said that multiplayer is not being worked on at the moment, they said it is a possibility in the future. Although we would love to see multiplayer support, the game is already a ton of fun, so we are completely fine with waiting.

Regardless, if you want to get in on the conversation, be sure to join the official Yet Another Zombie Survivors Discord server to chat with the developers themselves. If you already own the game, you can also press the F8 key at any time to bring up the feedback menu.

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How to Play With Friends in Yet Another Zombie Survivors