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How to Play Tape to Tape – Beginner’s Guide

How to Play Tape to Tape – Beginner’s Guide
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Slide into the icy chaos of Tape to Tape, a roguelite like no other! Choices are made, epic teams are built, and referees are bribed in this unique hockey game. Every game can be different in Tape to Tape as you pick a different path and hire a variety of players with abilities and talents you have never seen in hockey before. Even if you don’t like hockey, Tape to Tape is guaranteed to be your new favorite roguelite.

Read on to find out how to play Tape to Tape in our beginner’s guide.

Tape to Tape player’s guide

When starting out in Tape to Tape, you’ll get to run through the movement basics in the tutorial such as skating, passing and shooting. Holding the shoot button powers up your shot further so use that to your best advantage! The tutorial also teaches you about your Active Skill. This is your special move and each player has one. The icon above your player’s head shows you what active skill is applied, so get to know each one as you unlock them.

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Once you have learned how to move about on the ice it is worth practicing how to body check players by barging into them and knocking them to the ground. This can mean the difference between stealing the puck and letting an opponent score! Next up, it is important to know how to switch between players. Each of your players will have their own unique talents and skills, and stats. Some may be stronger than others, while others may be quicker. Use each one to the best of their abilities.

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When the tutorial ends you will have the chance to jump straight into a campaign or to practice. If you want to further hone your skills on the ice then it is always worth practicing. If not, begin a match and meet the Blademaster. The Blademaster makes all the best Hockey Sticks, each with amazing boosts and buffs, and can exchange Rubber for all sorts of buffs and items.

Starting a Campaign

When you start a campaign for the first time, the Blademaster will also introduce you to three Superstar players. These are the most powerful players you will have to begin with. Each player has stats for Speed, Checking, Shot Power, and Accuracy. Some are all-rounders with average level stats, while others specialize in one or two areas. There is also an icon next to their stats: this is the unique skill they can use on the ice to gain an advantage. Choose one to join your team.

Your team will now be your main guy, Angus McShaggy, your first Superstar, and three bench warmers. Bench warmers are your background team who are not especially powerful but can give good back up, and can be offered power ups later on to boost their stats or give them an ability. Next up you will choose an Artefact. These give team boosts, extra rerolls, or other random buffs. Choose wisely as the Artefact can have a serious affect on the game or your play-style!

The first match of the campaign is a Challenge, and could be the fastest match you will ever play as the opposing team challenge you to score one goal before they do. If you complete the challenge you receive some Rubber, but if you fail you will gain nothing but still move onto the next match.

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Before the next part of the campaign starts you will be asked to choose a Talent. These are applied to individual players, and do not affect the whole team. Select the Talent you like the look of, and then select the player you think it would suit or who needs the boost more. Once that is done it is time to choose whether to train at the camp or to join a mysterious event…

The next area is the Elite Game, which consists of two periods of 2 minutes long and rewards you with a Talent and more Rubber. This game will be the first real test of how well you have practiced and how well you can move around the ice. If you find you are not quite as fast as you need to be to change players and use the skills or shoot, then you can always return to the practice area. If your match ends in a draw there will be a period of overtime until a winner is declared.

Match Types

As you progress through the campaign you will discover more Events, Elite Games, Boss Matches, Training opportunities, and Challenges. The Challenges give smaller prizes like Rubber, while Elite Games give Talents and Artefacts too. Boss games are longer (three periods) and face off against a tougher team, they also tend to reward you with an Artefact.

Visiting the Blademaster

Play well, and win some matches, and you will unlock new skills and gain some hockey expertise! When you have unlocked skills you can head over to the Blademaster who will help you make it a permanent part of your skill pool in exchange for some of the Rubber you won. The Rubber can also be spent on boosting your player stats, or purchasing any unlocked Superstars. Eventually your will have a huge team to choose from, and many skills to try out in the Tape to Tape campaigns!

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How to Play Tape to Tape – Beginner’s Guide