The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD features a decent selection of mini-games that allow Link to blow off some steam. While playing these mini-games is not mandatory to complete the game, doing so will allow you to get some very nice rewards that will help you quite a bit during the main adventure.

Here’s how to play the Skydiving Roulette mini-game and the rewards you can obtain if you do well in it.

How to Play Skydiving Roulette in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD

To play the Skydiving Roulette mini-game, you will first have to complete a sidequest that becomes available after reaching the Isle of Songs inside the Thunderhead and fix Scrapper. Once you are past this point, head to Fun Fun Island and talk with Dodoh, who will ask you to retrieve a party wheel from the Lanaryu desert. Once you do, talk with Dodoh to complete the sidequest and unlock the Skydiving Roulette mini-game.

The Skydiving Roulette mini-game is pretty straightforward. At the start of a round, Link will be blown into the sky by a cannon, and he will have to land on a party wheel divided into different tiles that reward him with a different amount of Rupees. During the descent, Link can pass through Fortune Rings to gain multipliers while avoiding Dodoh Balls, which reset the multiplier if hit. As the wheel is always located at the center, we suggest you recenter Link right after going through the final Fortune Ring and try to pinpoint where the tile you want to land on is. Do not try to chase it, as the wheel spins way too quickly to aim properly at the last moment.

All Skydiving Roulette Rewards

If you land on the Pink and Blue tile with a 10x multiplier, you will get a Piece of Heart as well as 500 Rupees. The rest of the rewards are detailed below.

Pink and Blue50 Rupees
Piece of Heart and 500 Rupees with a 10x multiplier
Red20 Rupees
Blue5 Rupees
Green1 Rupee
Brown0 Rupees
Gray-10 Rupees

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