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How to Play Ruri Tunes in Obey Me! Nightbringer

How to Play Ruri Tunes in Obey Me! Nightbringer
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Ruri★Tunes is a rhythm mini-game that the demon boys in Obey Me! Nightbringer love playing. You will have to play it too, if you want to progress through the game’s stories and other content. Do not worry if you are unfamiliar with rhythm games, as we have whipped up some tips and tricks on how to play Ruri★Tunes in Obey Me! Nightbringer.

Playing guide for Ruri★Tunes in Obey Me! Nightbringer

To get started, tap on the Ruri★Tunes app button on your home screen. This will launch the Ruri★Tunes game, and you should be on the selection screen. There are two icons: books and music notes. The books represent story cutscenes, and the music notes are playable stages.

You must progress through Ruri★Tunes in order. For example, 1-1 is a story cutscene, but if you are not interested, you can start it then skip it. Either way, once 1-1 is over, 1-2 unlocks, which is more story. Get to 1-3, which is the first playable stage.

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During a Ruri★Tunes stage, your objective is to hit as many beats as you can throughout the song. The better your timing, the more points you earn, and if you earn enough points to get at least a C rank, you will beat the stage!

Before you head into a stage, you must set up your Demon Cards, Memory Cards, and Support Items. Demon Cards are the three demon boys you want to bring into the stage, each with their own elements and abilities. Memory Cards are stat boosters, and Support Items can give you small boosts.

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Every stage has elemental affinities, denoted by the colored symbols next to the stage’s info. If you use Cards that match the stage’s elements, your Cards become boosted and earn you more points.

The game automatically selects a loadout for you with the most suitable options, so you usually do not have to worry about choosing a manual loadout.

It is time to head into the Ruri★Tunes stage! During the stage, your three selected demons will run forward while a song plays. Notes appear from the right, moving with the beat, and you have to tap on the screen when the note hits the target zone in front of your demons. There are multiple kinds of notes, each requiring different methods of attack.

  • Tap on the right side of the screen to hit bottom row notes.
  • Tap on the left side of the screen to hit top row notes, and to dodge toxic sludge.
  • Tap on both sides of the screen to hit double notes.
  • Tap and hold to hit the flower notes, then let go at the end of the trail.
  • When you get to the boss, tap repeatedly to get as many points as possible.
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If you can, try playing with headphones or with your volume pumped up. The better you can hear the song, the easier it will be staying on beat. You earn more points depending on how accurately and precise you hit the notes, so staying on the beat with the song is important.

At the end of the stage, you are ranked from C to S, with C being the worst and S the best. The higher your score is, the better your rank, and the more rewards you earn. You have to get at least a C rank in order to complete the stage and move on to the next. If you manage to complete the song without missing a single note, you can get extra rare rewards!

If you are having a lot of trouble with the Ruri★Tunes stages, be sure to do the following:

  • Level up and upgrade your Demon and Memory Cards. Your Cards earn you more points based on how upgraded they are, so do not neglect them.
  • Match the stage’s element to earn more points, making it easier to get a high rank.
  • Use lots of support items for the extra help.

With enough practice and patience, you too can become a Ruri★Tunes master!

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How to Play Ruri Tunes in Obey Me! Nightbringer