In The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD, Link will come across many different individuals who will give him the chance to relax a bit by playing some fun minigames. Playing these minigames is completely optional, but doing well in them will allow you to obtain some very nice rewards that will make the remainder of the adventure considerably less challenging.

Here’s everything you need to know to win at the Rickety Coaster minigame.

How to Play Rickety Coaster in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD

Rickety Coaster becomes available right after completing the Sandship dungeon. After you have defeated Tantalus, head over to the Shipyard and then talk with Gortram to play the minigame.

How to Win at Rickety Coaster

The Rickety Coaster minigame involves making it to the end of two different tracks as quickly as possible while riding a cart. What makes this minigame a little challenging is that you have to tilt your left stick so as to keep the cart on the tracks. Lose balance and Link will fall, thus failing the challenge. As you need to be extremely precise, we suggest you use regular controls to play this minigame.

As for clearing the two tracks in the shortest amount of time possible, there isn’t a whole lot the player can do other than memorizing the tracks. By tilting the left stick in the direction of a curve, it is possible to gain a small speed boost, knowing beforehand when to do so will make it easier to achieve the shortest clear time possible.

Rickety Coaster Rewards

Clearing the Heart Stopping! track in less than 1 minute and 5 seconds will reward you with a Piece of Heart. The rest of the rewards are as follows

Scary! Rewards

Clear TimeReward
Less than 0:30100 Rupees
Between 0:30 and 0:3550 Rupees
Between 0:35 and 0:4020 Rupees
More than 0:40No Reward

Heart Stopping! Rewards

Clear TimeReward
Less than 1:05Piece of Heart (First Time)
Blue Bird Feather or Golden Skull
Between 1:05 and 1:10Evil Crystal or Monster Horn
Between 1:10 and 1:1520 Rupees
More than 1:15No Reward

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