How to Play Online Turf War Guide in Splatoon 3

Splatoon 3

Even though Splatoon 3 is aimed at single-player gameplay, there are still a few game modes that provide players with the possibility to play online. Read this guide, and you will find out how to play online Turf War in Splatoon 3. No time to lose. Let’s get started.

Turf War in Splatoon 3

After the release of Splatoon 2, players have waited 5 years for the release of Splatoon 3. As a result, even from the start of the game, there are a lot of players who play it daily. And if you want to play this game online, one of the best options is to play Turf War. However, before joining the Turf War, let’s find out what it is.

How to Join Turf War Online in Splatoon 3

Turf War is a 4v4 multiplayer game mode in Splatoon 3. 1 game in this mode lasts only 3 minutes, which is extremely low compared to other shooters. There are 2 ways to play in this mode. The first one is with random people, and the second is with friends.

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Of course, it would be best if you play with friends. You will be improving together and getting new and new skills in the game. However, if you have no friends who can play with you, the only way is to play with random guys.

And all you need to join the Turf War is to go to the lobby. You can do it from the menu or by the lobby in Splatville. In the lobby, you need to choose private or regular battles. When it is done, click play, and you will start the war. That is how it works.

In conclusion, you can easily play Turf War in Splatoon 3. However, it would be best to play in this game mode only with friends. So, thank you for reading the guide. Hope you find it helpful.

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How to Play Online Turf War Guide in Splatoon 3


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