Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

The Super Smash Bros. series has become, over the course of the years, a celebration of video games as a whole, as more and more guest characters have started joining the character roster. With Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, however, the series has become a celebration of the fighting games genre as a whole, as the protagonists of some of the most iconic series like Street Fighter and Fatal Fury have joined the roster complete with some unique mechanics inspired by the series they originated from.

While Ryu and Terry are considerably more complex than most of the other characters, they are really nothing compared to Kazuya Mishim, one of the most popular characters in the Tekken series who has joined the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster this week. Given the character’s complexity, it is difficult to use him properly, but these tips should help you understand the character better and start winning against all sorts of opponents.


Originating from the highly technical Tekken series, Kazuya Mishima is one of the most complex characters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, if not the most complex. Kazuya’s regular attacks have very short range and change depending on the directional inputs and button presses, a mechanic lifted from Tekken, so he needs to always be in the opponent’s face to get things started, while his Special Attacks, which let the character harness the power of the Devil Gene, are a little more reliable, have better range and are great combo starters.


Kazuya’s unique mechanic is Rage, one more mechanic lifted straight from Tekken 7. Once Kazuya reaches 100% damage, he will start glowing red and obtain a 10% damage bonus for all his attacks as well as get access to the extremely powerful Rage Drive, an enhanced version of the down special Heaven’s Door attack that can be used once per stock. Use the special input forward, down, and down forward, the same as Ryu and Ken’s Shoryuken input, to increase damage.

Normal Attacks

As already mentioned, Kazuya is a very unique character that has a lot of different normal attacks that are unleashed with different inputs and timed button presses. This, and their relatively short range, make Kazuya a character that is difficult to master, but extremely rewarding to use properly.

You can find how to perfom all of Kazuya’s regular attacks below.

  • Dash Attack – Leaping Sidekick: press A while dashing
  • Flash Punch Combo: press A twice pause and then press A again.
  • Flash Tornado: press A while tilting back.
  • Jump Side Kick: Press A while tilting up diagonally.
  • Left Splits Kick: Tilt forward twice and press A.
  • Nejiri Uraken: tilt down and press A.
  • Neutral: Press A repeatedly.
  • Oni Front Kick: Tilt forward and press A.
  • Roundhouse to Triple Spin Kicks: Tilt diagonally and press A four times.
  • Stature Smash: Tilt backwards diagonally and press A.
  • Tsunami Kick: Tilt down diagonally and press A twice
  • Twin Pistons: Tilt up and press A twice.

Croching Attacks

Kazuya has a few special crouching attacks that require unique inputs. Find out how to perform them below.

  • Crouch Dash: Press forward, down, down forward. If you press A, you will unleash Wind God Fist at the end of the dash.
  • Crouch Jab: Regular down tilt and A attack.
  • Crouch Spin Kick: Tilt diagonally backward and press A.
  • Demon God Fist: Crouch and press A while standing.
  • Dragon Uppercut: Press forward, down, down forward, and hold A.
  • Spinning Demon to Left Hook: Press forward, down, down forward, and B.
  • Tombstone Crusher: Tilt forward diagonally and press A.

Special Grab

Kazuya also comes with a special grab called Gates of Hell. This move is performed by tilting down forward, down, and forward and press grab. This grab downs opponents and ends with a forward-launching kick.

Special Attacks

Kazuya’s Special Attacks work as they do with every other character, requiring you to press a directional input and the B button.

Kazuya’s B attack is Devil Blaster, a long-range beam that can be aimed forward, upward or downward.

Kazuya’s Side Special is Devil Fist, a rushing attack that stops opponents temporarily if close.

Kazuya’s Up Special is Devil Wings, an upward-moving attack that can launch opponents for easy combos and that can also be controlled by pressing left or right.

Kazuya’s Down Special is Heaven’s Door, a powerful grab coming with super armor that cannot be stopped and that be used to drag opponents off the edge of the stage.

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