How to Pick Locks in Elex 2 on Steam Deck

How to Pick Locks in Elex 2 on Steam Deck

Picking locks in Elex 2 is a very popular task, but this is not so simple. Forceful action on them will not lead to anything, but it is possible to break through using the appropriate skills and gadgets. In this guide, we will tell you how to do this.

How to Pick Locks

In this difficult matter, first of all, Lockpicking skills and Locksmith can help. The level of skills can range from the first to the third, which will determine the degree of difficulty of the locks you can deal with. The Locksmith skill, on the other hand, allows you to save on master keys that will stop breaking so easily, thereby simplifying the very procedure of breaking. However, the skill is demanding – you need at least 50 intelligence and 75 dexterity points.

Trainer Gardok can teach all this, which can initially be found in one of the huts in the village east of the Bastion. Lockpicks can be bought from merchants or simply found among other loot.

In the hacking mini-game itself, you need to move the lock picks left and right, interacting with the lock bolts in order to find the right combination. It is recommended to save before hacking, so that if the master keys are lost, you can try again.

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How to Pick Locks in Elex 2 on Steam Deck


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