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How to Mount a Turret in Yet Another Zombie Survivors

How to Mount a Turret in Yet Another Zombie Survivors
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Are you ready to face another zombie horde in Yet Another Zombie Survivors? Thousands of the rotting undead are coming for you and your team so you will need to know what power ups and weaponry you have at your disposal. Each character in your small team will have their own weapon types and skills to keep the zombies at bay. Turrets are an option in Yet Another Zombie Survivors so let’s explore exactly how you mount a turret for extra fire power.

Using Turrets in Yet Another Zombie Survivors

Yet Another Zombie Survivors basically drops you straight into a match with no tedious intro or tutorial so you get to learn as you go. Because of this it it pretty straight forward gameplay and you soon learn about the perks of each character and the power ups you can choose. Each decision you make regarding power ups affects how your game plays out and how long you and your team lasts.

While shooting down zombies you will notice them dropping yellow XP orbs which should be collected as you go. These XP orbs will fill the yellow bar at the top of the screen. When this gets full you will be offered a Power Up which can include recruiting another team member, levelling up existing weaponry, and adding extra features such as Turrets.

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There are currently two known turrets that can be offered as power-ups: Electric Turrets and Automatic Turrets. Electric Turrets spawn every 30 seconds and last 15 seconds, while Automatic Turrets spawn every 25 seconds and last 15 seconds. Once chosen you get to have these for the whole of the match, and can then choose further options from power-ups to level them up to decrease cooldown or increase power.

Turrets are especially helpful if you plan on going solo and not recruiting any teammates, so keep that in mind as you select your next power-up in Yet Another Zombie Survivors.

Yet Another Zombie Survivors is available to play right now on Steam via Early Access.

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How to Mount a Turret in Yet Another Zombie Survivors