How to Meet Your Favorite Artist and More in Roblox Spotify Island


Roblox’s popularity can never be overstated—it continues to grow every day, and with multiple collaborations with big name brands, it’s only going to get bigger. Last month we had a huge Sonic the Hedgehog crossover, and now this month Roblox is teaming up with Spotify, one of the biggest music streaming services available, for a brand-new music-themed experience!

Roblox Spotify Island is a new experience in Roblox where players can run around a chill world collecting music notes and hearts. The best part is that Spotify is planning to hold virtual meetups on the island, and today we’ll show you how to meet your favorite artist!

How to Meet Your Favorite Artists on Roblox Spotify Island

Spotify Island is a lively place to explore and relax in. Unlike other Roblox experiences, your movement abilities are greatly expanded on Spotify Island—you can grind on rails, wall run, dive, flip, and more! There are plenty of fun collectibles to grab, so why not take some time to explore the island?

Make your way towards the center of the island, and you should find a giant stage. You’ll probably notice that the stage is empty for now, and that’s because the live concerts and meetups haven’t quite started yet. Spotify Island’s first special guest artist will be K-Pop star SUNMI, but Spotify hasn’t announced exactly when she’ll be holding her concert.

SUNMI is going to be the first artist to appear on Spotify Island, but she’s definitely not going to be the last! If you want to meet your favorite artists in the future, be sure to follow the official Spotify Twitter account and join the Spotify Island Discord server for updates and schedules. On the day the artist is scheduled to appear, head on over to the giant stage to see them in Roblox!

While you wait, you probably saw the little kiosk at the spawn point of Spotify Island. There are multiple badges and collectibles for you to go after, and if you do, you can get special items for your Roblox avatar! Many of the items are themed after the currently featured artist, so the items right now are themed after SUNMI. Be sure to collect them while they’re still available!

We’re excited to check out Spotify Island and meet some of our favorite music artists. Who are you most excited to see? Let us know in the comments below!

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How to Meet Your Favorite Artist and More in Roblox Spotify Island


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