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How To Maximize Leather Production in Dwarf Fortress

How To Maximize Leather Production in Dwarf Fortress

Dwarf Fortress is a construction sim from Bay 12 Games with beautiful pixel graphics and an intricate world you can spend hours in. Players must help and guide their Dwarves in creating a fortress in order to live and thrive within, fighting against dragons and other threats. Although there is no end game objective, the game requires players to focus primarily on ensuring the dwarves survive. Gathering certain materials can be useful, one of which is leather. Find out below how to maximize leather production in Dwarf Fortress.

Dwarf Fortress Leather Production

One of this game’s three modes is Dwarf Fortress mode. In this particular mode, players are free to interact with the environment and the animals and everything within it. Everything is made of various natural components that can be gathered as resources by the Dwarves. There is no way to win but there are many ways for the Dwarves to be defeated and die out.

The Dwarves each has their own personalities, skills, and looks, all of which are generated randomly by the game. Any Dwarf can be assigned to a task but to be any good at it they must have suitable preferences and skills. One of the skills needed to run a successful colony is farming, specifically leatherwork.

Dwarf Fortress (via Bay 12 Games)

To make sure the colony has enough leather for armor and clothing the production must be fast and easy. Each good-sized animal raised gives one leather hide so the best animals to farm to get leather would be easy to raise and grow quickly.

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Many players recommend farming birds as they grow to the right size within a year, and they can be bred very easily. Turkeys are a good bird to raise, but it is also recommended to have maybe a few different breeds of bird (geese and chickens, for example) in case players run into population limitations.

So, to round this off, it seems a good range of bird-type livestock are the best for leather resources to keep your Dwarves clothed and in good leather armor. Next up, check out how to feed your animals in Dwarf Fortress. Good luck!

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How To Maximize Leather Production in Dwarf Fortress


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