How to Make Sea Crab Soup in Tower of Fantasy: Sea Crab Soup Recipe

Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy is an open world action RPG from Hotta Studio. The free-to-play game was released globally in August 2022 and has become a very popular mobile game. In the game recipes can be unlocked which help recover HP and boost other elements to help the player throughout the game. Find out below about one particular seafood soup recipe in our guide ‘How to Make Sea Crab Soup in Tower of Fantasy: Sea Crab Soup Recipe.

Sea Crab Soup Recipe: Ingredients and How to Make it

The Sea Crab Soup in Tower of Fantasy is a quite decent and rare recipe to know and make. Consuming the soup provides the player with a flame resistance buff, and provides them with satiety, meaning they can recover HP more quickly. Some foods are better than others for fulfilling HP so it is worth checking to see what is best to make. If your character is too hungry they cannot recover their HP, so the satiety needs fulfilling.

tower of fantasy satiety
Satiety in Tower of Fantasy (via Hotta Studio)

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Sea Crab Soup Stats

Satiety Flame Resist Buff
+1010%. Flame Resist 290 for 900 seconds.

Making Sea Crab Soup

crab soup tower of fantasy
Sea Crab Soup (via Hotta Studio)

To make the Sea Crab Soup, players must gather 2 Hermit Crabs and 4 Mushrooms and cook them with the Cooking Pot.

IngredientHow to Find Ingredient
Hermit Crab X 2It is a sea creature so you can find it near the sea!
Navia: Beach Areas
Crown: Beach Areas
Banges: Beach Areas
Mushroom X 4Astra: Huge Mushrooms
Crown Region

That is all you need to know about foraging for the items needed, and making the Sea Crab Soup in Tower of Fantasy. Next up, why not see how to make Pan Fried Salmon in Tower of Fantasy. Good luck.

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How to Make Sea Crab Soup in Tower of Fantasy: Sea Crab Soup Recipe


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