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How to Make Rengoku in Gacha Club

How to Make Rengoku in Gacha Club
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Characters customization is one of the most exciting parts of Gacha Club. And the best thing about it is that the video game provides you with many customization options allowing you to transform your character into various anime heroes. By reading this guide, you will find out how to make Rengoku in Gacha Club.

Who is Rengoku?

Before discovering how to create Rengoku in Gacha Club, it would be best to learn more about this hero himself. Rengoku Kyojuro is a 20-year-old demon slayer and one of the main protagonists in Demon Slayer manga and anime. Many anime players consider Rengoku the most powerful and charismatic Hashira in Demon Slayer.

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How to Create Rengoku in Gacha Club

Once you know who Rengoku is, it is time to discover how to create this hero in Gacha Club. Generally, you only need to opt for the specific Head, Clothes, and Body settings to make Rengoku in Gacha Club. Even though it might seem challenging, our guide allows you to create Rengoku Kyojuro in a few minutes. Just make sure to stick to the settings below. 

  • Rear Hair 221/236
  • Front Hair 226/338
  • Back Hair 95/108
  • Ponytail 46/91
  • Eyes 14/135
  • Right Eyes 14/135
  • Eyebrow 14/100
  • Right Eyebrow 14/100
  • Pupil 48/100
  • Right Pupil 48/100
  • Nose 11/20
  • Mouth 3/256
  • Blush 9/10
  • Classes 17/57
  • Accessory Top 184/237
  • Accessory Middle 183/237
  • Shirt 45/126
  • Sleeve 62/103
  • Belt 59/122
  • Skirt Bottom 75/122
  • Pants 19/41
  • Sock 19/129
  • Shoe 13/99
  • Right Pants 19/41
  • Right Sock 19/129
  • Right Shoe 13/99

That’s it with making Rengoku in Gacha Club. Also, keep in mind that the important part of creating Rengoku is coloring your cloth and body parts. You should open the image of Rengoku and try to find colors that are the most suitable for Rengoku in Gacha Club. And while you are here, make sure to read our guide on how to make cute Gacha Club hairstyles.

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How to Make Rengoku in Gacha Club


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