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How to Make Okra Soup in Disney Dreamlight Valley

How to Make Okra Soup in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Cooking is one of the most challenging parts of the Disney Dreamlight Valley game. In this game, you’ll start in the kitchen with an empty cookbook. By combining ingredients, you’ll be able to create different recipes. In this article, we’ll tell you how to make Okra Soup in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Before you can start cooking and experimenting with different ingredients, you need to hire Remy, the culinary rat from Ratatouille. Some of the ingredients that you need to make Okra Soup can only be bought from Remy after you became friends with him and upgraded his level. 

How to Unlock Disney Dreamlight Valley Cooking

First, let’s see how you can unlock cooking in Dreamlight Valley. There are three ways to unlock cooking by getting a stove:

  • Create your own stove.
  • Complete the Foodception quest from Mickey Mouse to get the stove.
  • Repair Scrooge McDuck’s store and buy a stove from his item collection.

Cooking Okra Soup once will permanently unlock it for future use. You can test all recipes in Remis’s Kitchen without wasting your resources – you won’t be able to save or sell the recipe, but it will be permanently unlocked in your recipe list!

How to Cook Okra Soup

Recipes in Disney Dreamlight Valley will require some work. A recipe will require you to list the exact ingredients. Okra Soup needs okra and milk. Other recipes will require any ingredients from a specific category. For example, for fish steak, you need tomatoes, basil, and any fish. It can be cod, salmon, or tuna, it doesn’t matter as long as they fall into that category. The Okra Soup you make can also be donated or sold if you don’t want to eat it yourself.

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That’s all about the nuances of cooking and the necessary ingredients to make Okra Soup in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Stay tuned for our updates, tutorials, and helpful tips as we cover many more tutorials.

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How to Make Okra Soup in Disney Dreamlight Valley


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