How to Make Noodle Soup in Spiritfarer: Tips and Cheats

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One of the core parts of Spiritfarer, a sandbox adventure developed by Thunder Lotus Games, is collecting resources and cooking food for the spirits traveling in your boat. You play as Stella, a Spiritfarer, who ferries spirits across the waters to the afterlife, making sure they are as happy and comfortable as possible during the journey. Stella builds rooms on her ship, collects items, and cooks meals for her spirit friends, including different types of soups.

Soup is only one of the many types of meals you can make as Stella aboard your boat. These 15 different meal types are Stimulant, Healthy, Old Fashioned, Comfort, Breakfast, Plain, Fine Dining, Acquired Taste, Dessert, Soup, Pub, Salad, Exotic, Incredible, and Disgusting.

spiritfarer kitchen
Kitchen in Spiritfarer

Making Noodle Soup in Spiritfarer

In your little kitchen, you combine ingredients to create a dish and cook it in the oven—taking care not to burn it! At first you can only cook dishes with one ingredient, but eventually, an upgrade allows you to use recipes with two ingredients.

Noodle Soup is one of the basic recipes you can make, consisting of only one ingredient: Rice Flour.

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noodle soup recipe spiritfarer
Noodle Soup in Spiritfarer

Rice Flour can be made by collecting Rice and taking it to the Windmill to be made into Rice Flour. Follow the steps below.

  1. Obtain Rice Seeds from the shop in Furogawa
  2. Plant the Rice Seeds in a Field—a production building on Stella’s boat
  3. Each Rice Seed crop produces 3 Rice
  4. Take the Rice to the Windmill—a production building on Stella’s boat
  5. When ready, take the Rice Flour and go to the Kitchen
  6. Cook by taking Rice Flour from the Inventory to the Cooker
  7. Wait until the dish is ready and remove it. Don’t let it burn!

Now you have your delicious Noodle Soup! Best served fresh and hot.

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How to Make Noodle Soup in Spiritfarer: Tips and Cheats


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