Monster Hunter Rise

Zenny in Monster Hunter Rise is not exactly a concern when you are starting the game, as it is only once you have reached a high rank that you will start feeling strapped for cash. Gear costs a lot of money (and needs tons of rare materials) to craft, so you will want to have as much as possible to unlock all of the game’s weapons and equipment sets.

Here’s how make money fast in Monster Hunter Rise.

Farming Preparation

Before we explain how to make money fast in Monster Hunter Rise, you need to prepare properly. For starters, you want to make your equipment Geology level 3 to increase the amount of ore you can get, which is extremely important to make money as fast as possible.

After you have the right equipment, you need to complete quests until the Locale Info changes to Upsurge: Minecrop, to increase again the number of ores you get. Once this is done, you are ready to make some real money.

How To Make Money Fast

With the right equipment and Locale Info, head over to the Flooded Forest and farm ores. The amount of money you can get by selling the obtained ores varies depending on your rank, but you will be looking to make between 50,000 and 130,000 zenny per trip. There are other methods for farming money quickly, like completing quests solo, gathering and selling items from the Cohoot Nest, and others, but they are not as fast as a trip to the Flooded Forest made with the correct preparation.

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