How To Make Hellstone Bars – Terraria Guide


Terraria is an action survival game that puts the world at your fingertips and challenges you to fight for survival, fortune, and glory. The game will see you delving deep into cavernous expanses and seeking out powerful enemies to test your mettle in combat.

You can also build your own city as well. And while it’s not the same as Roblox or Minecraft, Terraria lets you make your own choices. The game’s multiplayer allows up to 7 friends on local wi-fi or online via device-device Wi-fi hosted games via Terraria Dedicated Server for PC. So in this article, we’ll be showing you how to make Hellstone Bars in Terraria.

How To Make Hellstone Bars – Terraria Guide

Hellstone is the final tier before hard mode in Terraria and if you’re playing with a melee build, you should find the best armor and equip it before entering hard mode. A complete set of molten armor will also give you great melee buffs that you can get even before entering hard mode.

Hellstone Bars, however, come in a different recipe compared to many other bars in Terraria and will require a different crafting station. The required materials need to commence the process of crafting Hellstone Bars are three Hellstone ore, one Obsidian, and Hellforge.

Now to mine the Hellstone ore, you’ll need the Deathbringer/nightmare pickaxe and defeat the Brain of Cthulhu or the Eater of Worlds to craft this pickaxe. Also, the recipe for crafting Hellstone Bars does not simply require the ore because every bar requires at least one piece of Obsidian before it can be crafted.


Unlike crafting other items, the crafting station for a Hellstone Bar is more than merely a typical furnace. You’ll have to find a hellforge from the underworld to unlock the recipe for hellstone bars.

Hellstone usually generates in the underworld and you can utilize the generated structures to get close to hellstone. Do remember to stay above the hellstone or try to keep a wall between it and your character since each hellstone ore you mine will release lava that can burn you.

And as you’re mining for hellstone, do keep an eye out for a hellforge. In addition, red hot furnaces will generate in any of the Obsidian towers in the underworld. Be sure to break it with your pickaxe and keep it safe until you make it back home.


Lastly, you have to mine some Obsidian and because water dries out instantly in the underworld, you can still use a water bucket to turn some of the lava in the underworld into Obsidian. Obsidian usually spawns whenever lava comes into contact with water, so either drain water into lava or pour the water yourself, then use your pickaxe to mine as many Obsidian as you can carry.

So once you have your Hellstone ore, hellforge, and Obsidian, you have pretty much all you need to make Hellstone Bars. So just go back to the surface and prepare the hellforge. Standing next to the hellforge, place three Hellstone ore and one Obsidian into it to craft Hellstone Bars.

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How To Make Hellstone Bars – Terraria Guide


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