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How to make Coconut Ice Cream in Disney Dreamlight Valley

How to make Coconut Ice Cream in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Finding a person who does not like ice cream is pretty challenging. This dessert is the most widely loved not only for kids but for adults as well. And in this guide, you will find out how to make coconut ice cream in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Making Coconut Ice Cream in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The fact is that various desserts are one of the parts of cooking in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Deserts have an easy recipe and can be quickly sold for a considerable amount of money, making them the perfect choice for beginners and experienced players.

Just like most ice creams, coconut ice is a 4-star dish. Therefore, you need to use four different ingredients to make this food. You should use coconut, sugarcane, milk, and slush ice. Unfortunately, these ingredients are one of the most hardly accessible in Disney Dreamlight Valley. 

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You should complete a few quests from Maui on Dazzle Beach to get a coconut. Sugarcane can be bought in a Goofy Stall for 29 coins, which is a meager price for such a valuable resource. Milk is the most expensive resource on this list. You should buy it for 230 cash from the Chez Remy shelves. And the last ingredient is Slush Ice, which can be purchased from Chez Remy with 150 coins.

And if you make coconut ice cream, you can sell it for 661 coins, allowing you to get 200 coins of margin income. However, you can also give Coconut Milk to any NPC to befriend him and get more benefits. 

In conclusion, Coconut Ice Cream is one of the most expensive 4-star dishes in Disney Dreamlight Valley so selling this ice cream is a perfect option to make money. That is how it is. Thank you for reading the guide. Hope you find it helpful!

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How to make Coconut Ice Cream in Disney Dreamlight Valley


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