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How To Make Broth In My Hotpot Story

How To Make Broth In My Hotpot Story

Cute restaurant simulator idle games will never go out of style, and that includes My Hotpot Story. In this game, you take ownership of a rundown hotpot shop and must restore it to glory. Experiment with the best flavors to make meals that the customers will line up for. Of course, when it comes to hotpot, the star of the show is the broth. The better your meals, the better rating your restaurant will have. This is how to make broth in My Hotpot Story.

How The Broth Mechanic Works

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The way you create broth meals in the game is similar to a gacha system. You need to collect a certain amount of currency in the form of the flavor extracts, put them all together and see what you get. This is how to collect all of the flavors.

What You Need To Make Broth

People eating in My Hotpot Story.

To create broth, go to the Develop tab at the bottom of the screen. You’ll see options for making food and broth. Make sure you are on the broth section. Click the develop button, which will take you to a screen with the flavor plants. What you have to do here is add up the different flavors together.

How To Combine Flavors

Basically, what you have to do is add together the different flavors at the same level so that you eventually get them to level 6, where they will become an extract. Click and drag the matching ones together to increase their level, and then combine that with the matching ones of the same level to boost them.

How To Develop

Once you have one of each of the extracts, go back to the broth area and tap Develop. You will get a random broth. The more progress you make in the game, the better broths you’ll make! You can sometimes get flavor items from the cat in the shop in addition to the plants. You can also upgrade the quality of the broths as you go along.

You can download My Hotpot Story today on iOS and Android!

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How To Make Broth In My Hotpot Story


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