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How to Make Bandages in DayZ

How to Make Bandages in DayZ

The world of DayZ is harsh, uninviting, and cruel. To survive in the vast wilderness of Chernarus, players will need to scavenge and gather supplies. The region is already filled to the brim with infected, so you’ll need to be careful as you explore and loot. Players can craft certain items with the aid of other materials, and today, we’ll show you how to make bandages in DayZ.

Crafting Bandages in DayZ

In DayZ, you can try your hardest to sneak around and be stealthy, but eventually you’ll catch some unwanted attention from random zombies. If a zombie manages to get close enough to you, they’ll swing their hands wildly at you.

Every swipe that hits you inflicts a small amount of damage, but that’s not the most dangerous part—every swipe has a chance to cause you to bleed. When your character is bleeding, their vision will become blurry, stamina regeneration slows down, and blood loss occurs.

When your blood meter drops too low, you will begin to lose health. If left unchecked, your character will eventually pass out and slowly bleed to death, unless aided by another player.

To stop bleeding, players must use either a Bandage or Rags. Bandages work perfectly on their own, but Rags are a little more complicated—they still stop bleeding like Bandages do, but if they’re not disinfected with Alcoholic or Iodine Tincture, your wound can become infected.

So, Bandages are the better choice if you have the option. Unfortunately, Bandages are somewhat uncommon and despite the new crafting system added to DayZ, they cannot be crafted from scratch. However, Rags can be crafted from basic materials!

Obviously, Rags aren’t as good as Bandages, but they’ll do in a pinch. To craft Rags, all you need is any piece of clothing and any type of Knife. First, equip the clothes in your hands, then click and drag your Knife over the clothes to combine them.

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You should see a new prompt that says “Craft rags [HOLD]”, so simply hold down left click to tear into the clothes. This obviously destroys the clothes in the process, but you’re left with Rags afterwards, which can be used to stop bleeding just like Bandages. Depending on the size of the clothes you tear up, you’ll get a varying amount of Rags in return.

That concludes our guide on how to make Bandages in DayZ. You technically cannot make Bandages, but Rags function just like Bandages except without the automated disinfection. If you have any other questions or tips, let us know in the comments below!

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How to Make Bandages in DayZ


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