How to Make and Use Mist Generator in Dwarf Fortress

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Far over the misty mountains cold, to dungeons deep and caverns old goes the song, and if your dwarves like this tune, it’s for a good reason. Dwarves just love mist! It’s a part of their natural habitat, and it makes them happy. It can also serve practical purposes and clean those that got dirty or contaminated.

If you wish to add mist to your fortress and bring happy thoughts to your Dwarves, follow this guide and learn how to make and use a mist generator in Dwarf Fortress.

How to Make a Mist Generator in Dwarf Fortress

There are several methods for generating mist in Dwarf Fortress. You could use screw pumps to make mist ring generators or use two pumps stacked on top of each other. Another way is to make use of a light aquifer, but the easiest method for creating mist is making waterfalls.

To build a proper waterfall in Dwarf Fortress, you will need several z-levels (preferably 4) and a constant water supply. You can build waterfalls in many ways, but we are presenting one of the easiest options inspired by the work of YouTuber David Lazerz.

Dig a channel on level 1 to level 2, one on level 2 that goes to level 3 right beneath it, and 4 more channels on level 3 that connect to level 4. On level 3, you will need to build a gearbox for the water pumps. Connect the pumps in the clockwise direction. Then, build a vertical axle on level 2 in the hole above the gearbox.

On the top level, build a windmill right on top of the vertical axle and add two more windmills on each side. Then, on the third level, connect your gearboxes with vertical axles. If you’ve connected everything correctly, your mist generator should be good to go.

mist generator dwarf fortress
Level 3 setup for the mist generator (Image via David Lazerz)

How to Use a Mist Generator in Dwarf Fortress

You can easily add the necessary water to the mix by using the Pit/Pond zoning tool. Add the pond above one of the channel holes on level 3 that connect to level 4, and soon your generator will start spreading mist on level 4. You can also remove the pond zone to keep the water levels in check.

Let us know if this method worked for you or if you figured out an even better one! If you need more Dwarf Fortress guides, check out our articles like How to Appoint and Use a Priest in Dwarf Fortress or our list of best texture packs for this game.

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How to Make and Use Mist Generator in Dwarf Fortress


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