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How to Make a Wind Turbine in Little Alchemy 2

How to Make a Wind Turbine in Little Alchemy 2

Hello scientists and alchemists of Touch Tap Play! We are here today with a little mini guide on the wonderful science game Little Alchemy 2. You may have already started your chemical journey and created a bunch of different exciting materials and items, but you may be wondering how to create a few items in particular.

Today, we will be talking about one of the green energy generators in the game, the wind turbine! We will show you the exact alchemy path to create it, so let us jump right into our guide on how to make a wind turbine in Little Alchemy 2!

Creating Electricity

To make the wind turbine, you will need metal and electrical items, plus maybe a house or two. To start off, we are going to need stone, which is created by combining earth and pressure.

Earth is a starting material, so you do not need to worry about that. To create pressure you need to either combine two airs or oceans together.

Once you have stone, the next step is add in something spicy! Combine stone and fire and you will create metal.

The next step is to give the metal some juice. First, combine two fires together to create energy. Next we will have to make lightning, which is a little more involved.

First off, combine two earths together to create land. Combine the land with earth and you will end up with a continent. Combine two continents together and you will have yourself a whole planet, which can combine with fire to make the sun!

Create another planet and combine it with a stone to create the moon to go hand-in-hand with the sun. The sun and moon together create sky. Mix the sky with some water and you will have a cloud.

Combine the cloud with energy and you will get lightning, then to bring it all together combine the metal with lightning and you have electricity, one part of the wind turbine.

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Creating Windmill

To put it all together we will need a building of some sort that can be powered by wind. To start off we will need to combine two stones together to create a wall. Wall can also be created by combining two bricks, which are created by adding fire to mud.

Combine two walls to create a house. That is one part of the windmill, which is a lot more simple than electricity. Next up is wind itself!

Creating wind is simple as it involves two materials that you already created in the past: air and pressure. Combine those two and you will end up with wind.

Combine the house and wind and you have yourself a windmill, the final piece to the puzzle!

Finalize the Wind Turbine

All that is left to do is to slap windmill and electricity together, and there you have it: your very own bonafide wind turbine!

So what can you do with a wind turbine? Well, you can add some air to it to reverse create electricity. You can also add it to an airplane to create a helicopter, or you can add it to a car to make an electric car.

There you have it! Now you know how to create a wind turbine in Little Alchemy 2. We hope you found this guide useful, and we will be back with more guides on the game so stay tuned!

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How to Make a Wind Turbine in Little Alchemy 2


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