How to Make a Conduit in Minecraft


A Conduit Block is used for players who want to explore underwater. The block provides players with Conduit Power underwater or in the rain and can attack mobs. When activated the block provides all players with Conduit Power within a certain range. This power restores oxygen, allows underwater night vision, and increases mining speed by 16.7% underwater or in the rain.

Crafting a Conduit

Conduit Crafting

To craft a conduit players will need 8 Nautilus Shells and 1 Heart of the Sea crafted as the image above shows. Nautilus Shells can be obtained through fishing for treasure, with a rare chance that is increased by levelling up Luck of the Sea on a fishing rod. They can also be found by killing underwater zombies (Drowned), or they can be bought from Wandering Traders who sell up to 5 Nautilus Shells for 5 Emeralds each.

The Heart of the Sea can only be obtained from buried treasure. Find buried treasure using a treasure map found in ocean ruins and shipwrecks with the help of a dolphin whom players entice with fish.

Activating a Conduit

To activate a conduit, the block must be in the centre of a 3x3x3 frame of water within an activation frame. The activation frame must be made from any type of prismarine block: prismarine, dark prismarine, prismarine bricks, or sea lantern blocks.

Prismarine, Prismarine Bricks, Dark Prismarine

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When first activated the conduit has the Heart of the Sea’s texture until it is fully activated and opens like an orange eye, looking out for hostile mobs.

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How to Make a Conduit in Minecraft


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