How to Make a Character in Roblox Studio


From this guide, you will learn how you can create a character in Roblox Studio and dress him in paid items and accessories without paying a penny. Applying this knowledge, you can create absolutely any game characters and NPCs with a cool appearance.

How to Create and Dress up a Roblox Character

  1. Go into Roblox Studio and enter r6 in the search box to quickly find the default character model.
  2. Drag the model into the visual editor window.
  3. Select and delete all default animations and sounds (Health, Sound, Animate).
  4. Expand the Humanoid tab, select all body parts and uncheck the Locked item.
  5. Rename the model from Dummy to StarterCharacter. To do this, click once on the name of the model and change the name in the bottom panel in the Name line.
  6. Drag and drop a model into the StarterPlayer tab to make it the default model for all new users the first time they start the game.
  7. Press the Play button on the top bar to launch the game and test the model.
  8. In order to put any accessory on the character, enter the Roblox website and find it in the catalog. Copy the id of this accessory from the browser line.

Next, you need to install the Load Catalog Items plugin (click to install).

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  1. Click on the plugin button in the top bar and enter the id of the accessory you copied earlier. Press the Insert button.
  2. Select the model and press CTRL + U, the model should disappear and the converted model (in this case named FinalizedWings v2) will appear instead.
  3. Drag the converted FinalizedWings v2 model into the StarterPlayer folder
  4. Press the Play button to test the accessory
  5. To add a shirt and pants, select your character model and click the plus button. In the window that appears, select Paints and Shirt.
  6. Find a suitable shirt in the Roblox catalog and copy its id in the same way as you copied the accessory id. Select Clothing (shirt) and paste the shirt id into the URL bar. Repeat the same with the pants.
  7. Hair and other accessories can be added in the same way you added wings.
  8. To change the face, you need to find the appropriate Face in the Roblox catalog and copy its id. Next, open our model, find and open Head, and at the very end select face.
  9. Click on the texture line and paste the face id into the URL line.

Done, the face should change.

To add a weapon to a character and make it appear that he wears it behind his back and can even use it, you need to create any item and pull out the Handle from it. Then you can remove GoddessWand.

  1. Move Handle to StarterCharacter.
  2. Move Handle to Torso.
  3. Select Handle and uncheck CanCallide.
  4. Install the Weld plugin (click to install).
  5. Select Torso and Handle by holding down the CTRL + LMB key. Go to the Plugins tab and click on the Weld ALL button.
  6. Move StareterCharacter to StarterPlayer.
  7. Start the game with the Play button and check.

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How to Make a Character in Roblox Studio


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