How to Loot Convoys in Dying Light 2: Stay Human

How to Loot Convoys in Dying Light 2: Stay Human

The convoy in Dying Light 2: Stay Human can be military or evacuation. You can find them by looking around with binoculars. Searches are best started in the neighborhood with question marks (“?”) on the map. Are you interested in the question on how to loot them properly? Then keep reading our guide.

Convoys Guide in Dying Light 2: Stay Human

More interesting for the player in terms of loot are definitely military convoys, which drop good weapons, equipment, and accessories, but they are also harder to loot. The evacuation ones can give you craft parts, equipment, and just valuable things when looting.

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The fight for it depends on the situation – in different cases, the optimal tactics will be different. However, it is recommended to do this during the day, so that the fight does not also attract the infected since the number of enemies can greatly increase. You can start by planting on a hill and blowing up gas canisters as the convoy passes by them. An alternative is Molotov cocktails or grenades. If there is nothing left to throw, you can use hit and run tactics, attacking enemies suddenly with parkour, while minimizing or eliminating incoming damage is extremely important.

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How to Loot Convoys in Dying Light 2: Stay Human


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