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How to Long Jump (Double Jump) in Stumble Guys

How to Long Jump (Double Jump) in Stumble Guys
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Honestly, Stumble Guys can boast one of the easiest gameplays among all the video games. All you need in this game is to survive longer than other players. And double jump will significantly help you with it. So, read this guide to learn how to double jump in Stumble Guys. No time to lose; let’s get started!

Long Jumping in Stumble Guys Guide

Long Jump is one of the most effective moves that you can use in Stumble Guys. To do it, you need just double click on the jump button. And using the long jump might help you not only get to the final point faster, but also avoid death and return to the game when you are close to falling.

However, using the double jump is not as simple as it might seem. If you misuse it, a double jump will only slow you down and have no positive effect. So, read this guide to find out how to use the double jump. 

  • Do not use double jumps in the crowd.

The point is that the free space you can use for your moves is significantly limited when you are in a crowd. So, if you try to double jump, you will stumble against other players. Keep it in mind.

  • Do not use a double jump on a flat surface. 

The fact is that double jumping on a flat surface will only slow down your character. So, it will be better to continue running than to do a double jump.

You must use the double jump when you are close to your death. That are only 2 effective ways to use the long jump in Stumble Guys. So, that is all. Thank you for reading the guide. Do you have some other questions about this feature? Write them down in the comments below.

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How to Long Jump (Double Jump) in Stumble Guys


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