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How to Level Up Quickly in Mordhau

How to Level Up Quickly in Mordhau
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While you can obtain most of the weapons and equipment in Mordhau at a reasonably low level, that may not be the case for the ones that fit your playstyle.

For players who are into customizing the different aspects of their character and the overall account, like using armor styles, weapon skins, and banners, leveling up is essential. Knowing how to level up quickly in Mordhau will save a lot of time, so here are all the best tips. 

How to level up quickly in Mordhau

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There are a few different ways in which you can level up fast in Mordhau. But all of them depend on how good you are at the game. If you are a new player who can hardly get any kills, you can still level up by playing specific modes and classes, but forget about “fast.”

That being out of the way, here is what you must do to level up fast in Mordhau

Play Frontline Mode as a Cavalry

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You can level up fast while earning a ton of Gold in Mordhau by playing the Frontline Mode as a Cavalry. Once you start a match as a Cavalry, find a horse and use it to roam around the area and get kills. 

When you are on a horse, swinging your weapon near multiple enemies can grant you multi-kills. Moreover, the longer you survive and the higher the kills, the more EXP and Gold you earn at the end of the match. 

Just make sure not to kill your teammates or be ready to lose some of those earned EXPs. 

Playing Horde Mode

Horde Mode may not be the fastest way to level up in Mordhau for every player, but it sure is the best option for new players to level up while farming Gold to buy new gear. 

Start Horde Mode and survive until wave 6. Get a Crossbow in exchange for Gold, find a corner, and start killing the bots to grind EXP. By the time you reach the last wave, you will have a ton of EXP and Gold. 


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Deathmatch is also an excellent option to farm EXP and Gold in Mordhau, granted you can get some kills. The matches are shorter than Frontline and Horde modes, and it can be used to level up fast. 

Tip: Creating and playing on your hosted server in Mordhau will fetch you additional EXP. 

That concludes our guide on how to level up fast in Mordhau. For more on this and other games, check out our dedicated guides section

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How to Level Up Quickly in Mordhau


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