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How to Keep the Beat in Gun Jam – Beginner’s Guide

How to Keep the Beat in Gun Jam – Beginner’s Guide
Image by Jaw Drop Games
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If you like first-person shooters and beat-based games like Guitar Hero and Dance Dance Revolution, you will certainly be intrigued by Gun Jam. In this game, your main task is to take down as many enemies as you can while shooting in sync with the rhythm of the song that is blasting in your speakers.

While this sounds fun in theory, it is not without its challenges in practice. Therefore, this beginner’s guide teaches you how to keep the beat in Gun Jam.

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How to Keep the Beat in Gun Jam—Tips and Tricks

First of all, we cannot lie—this game is much easier if you have a naturally developed sense of rhythm. People with this talent take little to no time to get into the beat of any song, which will make them fire Gun Jam weapons more easily and with more precision.

Gun Jam beat
Image by Jaw Drop Games

However, if you’re rhythmically challenged, there’s no need to despair—you can still improve your shooting skills with some time, patience, and these tips:

  • Get familiar with the song: Gun Jam features only a few different songs with a strong, regular beat. The trial-and-error method may get you killed numerous times, but you will also be able to shoot on beat more easily with every new attempt because you will know what to expect.
  • Practice with clapping or even a metronome: This is the tip that works for improving rhythm in general. If the game proves to be too difficult at first, take some time to practice recognizing beat patterns and clapping to them using YouTube tutorials.
  • Pay attention to the visual cues: Gun Jam was not meant only for the musically gifted since the game gives you ever-changing visual cues at the center of the screen so you can shoot when they align with your target.
  • Practice multitasking: In Gun Jam, you will have to think about shooting on beat AND moving around a lot. The enemies shoot without paying attention to the rhythm of the song, which makes everything more challenging. Still, remember—practice makes perfect!

We hope these tips help you keep the beat in Gun Jam and secure that win, whether you’re playing in Arcade or Free Play mode. If you like FPS games, you can find many useful guides for your favorite title on TouchTapPlay, including How to Get Arsenal Weapons in COD Mobile.

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How to Keep the Beat in Gun Jam – Beginner’s Guide


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