How to Jump Attack in Elden Ring

How to Jump Attack in Elden Ring

Are you curious about jump attacks in Elden Ring and why they are beneficial for the players? We will gladly help you out with this! It is not a secret that these attacks look amazing! When you complete a heavy attack involving two-handed weapons, at the same time, you drain a significant amount of the health of your rivals.

Do you know how to complete this type of attack? If not, keep reading this guide; we will gladly help you with this and cover the easy steps one should follow to achieve success. Keep reading!

Jumping Attack in Elden Ring: Ways to Complete

We recommend jumping through hitting X (PlayStation) or A (Xbox) to perform a jump attack by default. Right after that, you will need to press  RT/R2 to attack. You aim to jump and go midair, choosing the correct time to hit a heavy attack button. If you hit both buttons simultaneously, there will be no result. It is a must to hit them one after another once the right moment comes.

There is a possibility to refer to this jumping maneuver during horse riding. So, you will be able to jump, double jump, and use a spirit spring jump. This way, you will be able to reach the highest areas.

There is also a possibility to rebind the default buttons to any other ones you are most comfortable with.

Enjoy the jumping attack in Elden Ring, and have fun playing the game!

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How to Jump Attack in Elden Ring


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