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How to Invite Chiffon to Hello Kitty Island Adventure

How to Invite Chiffon to Hello Kitty Island Adventure
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You can invite different visitors to the resort in Hello Kitty Island Adventure, including Chiffon from the Cinnamoroll universe! Named after the fluffy and delicious chiffon cake, this little dog character has amazingly fluffy ears and a matching tail. Just like every other visitor, Chiffon requires some very specific things in her Visitor Cabin before she will visit. Chiffon’s Visitor Cabin can be anywhere but the contents should be very specific. Read on to find out exactly how to bring this sweetie to your island.

Chiffon’s Visitor Cabin Requirements

Chiffon doesn’t mind where her Visitor Cabin is set up as long as it has every item she has asked for inside. You can unlock the Visitor Cabin by spending a few Strawberry Crates on repairing it before you can begin decorating it and filling it with goodies for the new visitor.

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Chiffon would prefer a range of themes to her furniture including Coastal, Spooky, Rustic, and Pirate pieces. To attract her to your island, place a Coastal Decorative Plant, Spooky Lounge Sofa, Rustic Bookcase, and a Pirate Chest Dresser inside. If you do not yet have this type of furniture you can trade with My Melody for any she has in store, or you can craft it yourself. To craft the furniture you will need the recipes. These are found in chests all around the island! Craft each piece you want at the Crafting Table with Chococat.

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There are no other requirements for Chiffon, all she requires are those pieces of furniture. Once you have everything you need to satisfy the needs of your new visitor, you can place them anywhere in the recently repaired Visitor Cabin. The next day, Chiffon should be waiting there!

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How to Invite Chiffon to Hello Kitty Island Adventure