Super Bomberman R Online

Despite the many twists and turns that have been introduced over the years, the Bomberman series hasn’t changed all that much since its beginnings. The release of Super Bomberman R Online, however, did bring some rather big changes, introducing a battle royale spin to the formula that works incredibly well. Not surprising, considering the multiplayer-oriented nature of the series.

Even with this new twist, however, Super Bomberman R Online still features the basic mechanics that have powered the series since the very first entry, so you may end up feeling a little lost if you have never played a Bomberman game before, not knowing how it’s possible to improve your character’s base stats during a game. Here’s how to.

How To Increase Your Stats In Super Bomberman R Online

As already mentioned, Super Bomberman R Online is still a Bomberman game at heart, so improving the base stats of your character is done exactly in the same way fans of the series have been doing for years: by picking up the appropriate item during a game.

The Bomb will allow you to place one more bomb at the same time, letting you go even more on the offensive than at the start of the game.

The Skate item will improve your movement abilities, increasing your speed, and making it easier to escape from danger or even surround your opponents with bombs if you are skilled enough.

The Fireball item will increase the range of your bombs, allowing you to cover way more ground with a single bomb. This is actually a double-edged sword, as you may end up getting killed by a blast from your own bomb, so make sure to always be on your toes and adapt quickly to the new bomb range.

All three stats increase do stack up to a certain point so, no matter what, always try to get them as soon as you see them pop up: they make a rather big difference!

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