Pac-Man 99

To win a match in Pac-Man 99, you will always need to stay ahead of ghosts and Jammer Pac-Mans sent by other players, and the best way to do so is by being as fast as possible. Outside of the speed power-up, there is another way to increase your speed that is not immediately apparent. Here’s how to do so and how it helps you win at Pac-Man 99.

How To Increase Your Speed In Pac-Man 99

As you play Pac-Man 99, you may have noticed that there is a speed stat on the left side of the screen. This stat always starts at zero, but it can be increased at any time during a match. All you need to do to increase it is eat every dot in a round without restoring them by eating fruit.

As higher speed is extremely important, especially when there are few players left and Red Jammer Pac-Mans start spawning, you should try to increase your speed as much as possible during the first phases of the match. Reaching speed level 5 is extremely easy to do before 50 players are left, which is when things start heating up. If you manage to do so consistently, you can expect to get quite far, possibly even win if you can use the power-up and strategy options well.

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