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Pikmin Bloom is an interesting game developed by Niantic. The Pikmin series is one of the most popular franchises that belong to Nintendo, and the new product use AR technology to make your game experience more immersive. Even though the game had a couple of troubles at the beginning, now it seems to be a good thing for those who would like to play a game while they are walking outside. There are many different mechanics that encourage you to do so and one of the most remarkable ones is Friendship with your Pikmin. This guide will tell you how to increase the Friendship level in Pikmin Bloom.

How to Increase the Friendship Level of your Pikmin in Pikmin Bloom

Friendship is a very important stat in Pikmin Bloom. It allows your Pikmin to turn into a Decor Pikmin that is able to change its appearance. Also, your Pikmin with a higher level of Friendship are able to fight better against enemies in challenges. So, the level of Friendship is very important in this game and you should focus on improving your relationships with your Pikmin.

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The indicator that shows your current level of Friendship with a certain Pikmin looks like four hollow hearts. The higher your level of Friendship is the more filled hearts you will see. The highest level of Friendship that turns your standard Pikmin into a Decor Pikmin will be represented as four filled hearts.

There are a few ways you can increase the level of Friendship with your Pikmin in Pikmin Bloom. Here is the full list of activities that are able to improve your relationships:

  • The Friendship level increases when a chosen Pikmin walks with you in the squad
  • You can increase the level of Friendship with a chosen Pikmin by sending it on a challenge
  • The Friendship level increases when you feed your Pikmin with nectar
  • The Friendship level increases when you send a Pikmin on an expedition

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