How to Increase the Backpack in This War of Mine

How to Increase the Backpack in This War of Mine

The first Survival project from 11-bit studios features a number of interesting mechanics rarely found in video games of the same genre.

Inventory is of paramount importance in the game, as it stores supplies found during night raids. During the day, as you know, it is not recommended to leave your own home, especially if there are sick people among the cohabitants. Not everyone can be cured. For example, saving Amelia is impossible according to the plot. Carrying as many belongings as possible will affect the effectiveness of survival in the harsh conditions of the civil war.

How to Increase the Backpack in This War of Mine?

Please note that the characters have the “Capacity” parameter, the highest level has Boris the Strong (the last name is appropriate!). But he moves slowly and is not provided at the start of the campaign. Wait until he visits your home. He has 17 slots, Marco has 15, and the others have fewer.

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Useful advice – leave the discovered loot near the location if you cannot drag it to the house right away. It will not be taken away on the next walk, since opponents (even from among the marauders) act according to the prescribed scenario.

The developers specifically abandoned inventory upgrades, forcing the player to be limited to available belongings and basic capacity. Just send people with empty pockets to hunt so that they return with decent prey.

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How to Increase the Backpack in This War of Mine


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