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Hospital Empire Tycoon is an idle game with a lot of management aspects to it. If players like this combination of games, then they will enjoy Hospital Empire Tycoon! It is a casual, easy-to-play game where strategic decisions have to be taken into account in order to manage a hospital with profitable results.

Players can further grow their empire by improving it, starting from a modest medical clinic to eventually unlocking visible progress in all of their premises. Players can transform their small business into the best hospital and become the best health manager in the world!

Being a worthy boss and creating the best work environment in all of the departments is no easy feat, however. Not only will players need the best working teams in every medical area to have a competent medical center, but they will also need the best doctors, specialists, nurses, assistants, ambulance drivers, stretcher handlers, receptionists, cleaners, janitors, and security guards!

However, in order to make it work, reputation is key. This is how reputation is raised in Hospital Empire Tycoon.

Raising Reputation

There are quite a few ways to increase one’s reputation in Hospital Empire Tycoon:

  • Research all of the medical breakthroughs
  • Respond to every medical emergency
  • Maintain and grow one’s own medical team
  • Place the right medical staff for the right jobs based on their attributes
  • Upgrade the medical facilities and rooms in the hospital to gain repute stars

Apart from these methods, maintaining a respectable hospital with fully functioning facilities and staff will eventually maintain a strong reputation and prevent it from dropping.

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How to increase reputation in Hospital Empire Tycoon – Idle


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