The process of heroes and mechs leveling in Final Gear is a gradual and very important process. It helps you keep a consistently high level of the team in relation to enemies and complete missions without difficulty. Therefore, in this guide, we will tell you how to do this correctly.

Final Gear Pilots Leveling Guide

In order to go to the card of any of the heroines, select the Pilots tab on the main menu bar on the right side of the screen. Then select the character whose parameters you want to consider and upgrade, and click on her image.

In the Train tab, the level of pilots is increased. For this, Piloting Theories floppy disks of various rarities are used:

  • Green ones give 160 experience points;
  • Blue – 480 experience points;
  • Lilac – 1440 experience points;
  • Orange – 4320 experience points;
  • White – 12960 experience points.

Leveling up slightly increases the basic characteristics of the heroines.

The Modify tab is responsible for increasing the rank of characters. In order to complete this upgrade, you will need multiple copies of your hero card. For example, in order to transfer Taysia Graft from rank three to rank four, you need four cards.

In the Skills section, you unlock and improve the skills of the heroines. Skills are upgraded using the System Upgrade modules. Moreover, for each class of characters, they must be unique. For example, only modules marked Striker are suitable for a striker. If you do not have special modules, then general ones will do. When an upgrade is made, they are automatically converted to the required ones.

In the Evolve tab, characters are evolved to the highest rarity UR. In case you have not reached a certain part of the plot, or have not improved your account to the required level, some pilot evolutions will be unavailable.

In addition to leveling up, heroes can be customized using unique costumes. To do this, you need to go to the special tab. There you can look at all the costumes and the conditions for obtaining them.

Mechs Leveling Guide

The strengthening of the mechs is in the Hangar tab on each of the available modules. In order to gain access to their upgrade, you need to complete the mission 3-1. Leveling occurs when you press the Brace Up button, and it consumes gold.

Attention: only upgrade pilots and modules of orange and purple rarity types. They are more powerful and will be useful to you throughout the game. But start doing this only in the midgame, when you feel the increasing complexity and great resistance from virtual opponents.

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How to Improve Pilots and Mechs in Final Gear


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