How To Hunt in Dwarf Fortress


Even though there are various exciting occupations in Dwarf Fortress, one of the best things your dwarf can do is go hunting. The only disadvantage is that hunting might appear too complex for beginners. Read this guide, and you will find out how to hunt in Dwarf Fortress. Moreover, there will be some basic mistakes most people make while hunting.

Hunting in Dwarf Fortress

Hunting works differently compared to other occupations in Dwarf Fortress. You can not assign it using a special menu or give the dwarf uniform to start hunting. Therefore, many beginners struggle to start hunting in Dwarf Fortress. 

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First, you should understand that the ambusher skill is one of the most important things in hunting. Hunters use it to sneak up on the animal and kill it at a close distance. But if the hunter approaches too close, he can be spotted by the animal, and the ambushing will automatically stop. The higher the ambusher’s skill, the more chances of success the hunter has. 

How to Start Hunting

Once you know how hunting works, it is time to discover how to start hunting in Dwarf Fortress. You only need to equip the dwarf without the occupation with crossbows and bolts to start hunting. Also, make sure to open the military screen and check whether the equipment is available for hunters. If weapons are available, the dwarf will search for huntable creatures and kill them. 

After killing the prey, the hunter will bring it to a butcher’s shop. Here you can access the loot and freely use it for your purposes.

In conclusion, hunting is one of the most exciting systems in Dwarf Fortress. You only need to equip the dwarf with specific equipment and wait until he brings you the prey. And dwarf’s success depends on the level of ambusher skill. And while you are still here, make sure to check our guide on how to fill holes and gaps in Dwarf Fortress.

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How To Hunt in Dwarf Fortress


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