The endless world of Minecraft is much more interesting to explore with friends. Having faithful companions at hand, you can build entire cities, build interesting mechanisms, and play various scenarios. But there is no simple and familiar button “Play with friends” in the game. This fact together with the abundance of versions and platforms makes an inexperienced player confused. 

There are various options for how to organize a game with your friends online. For example, you can buy a server and host it on your PC. But we will go the other way and show you the simplest and most effective ways. Let’s start!

How Do I Create a Multiplayer Server to Play Minecraft With a Friend?

Our first method is the highest quality and most reliable one. On the official site, you can purchase a Realms or Realms Plus subscription. It will give you access to its own 10-slot server.

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For Minecraft: Java Edition, only Realms is available, and for every other version, Realms Plus is available as well. In the first case, you get a server to play with your friends. The Plus subscription also includes free access to 100+ selected packs from the marketplace (new ones are added every month). These can be texture packs, skin packs, maps with mini-games, or survival missions. You can also access the Realms Plus server through any version of Minecraft (except Java Edition) using a console, phone, or PC. After the end of the subscription, the game world will be available for another 18 months in case you want to download it or renew your subscription. The benefits of this method are the following:

  • You can try a month for free.
  • Server online 24/7, no need to keep the PC turned on.
  • Stable and fast connection.
  • Backups are made every hour with the ability to download them at any time.
  • Only the server owner should pay.
  • Multiplatform (Realms Plus only).
  • Access to 100+ Paid Packs (Realms Plus only).


  • Paid, the subscription must be renewed every month or taken immediately for six months.
  • You can’t use mods.
  • Can only be played on the current version.
  • Maximum 10 people at the same time.

How to Play Minecraft With Friends Online

The second way is to create a LAN server on your computer, where you can then invite friends. The only requirement is that you must be constantly in the game in order for everything to work. For Java Edition, the maximum number of players is 8. Only Java Edition clients can join this server. 

For all other platforms, everything is easier. You can play simultaneously using your phone, the version for Windows 10, as well as consoles. Also, for a LAN server on these platforms, you can set the maximum number of players up to 30. This is done using the / setmaxplayers command, which you need to register in the chat. The more people on the server, the more powerful hardware you need. And the quality of the connection will depend on the internet speed of the host and the distance between him and connected players.

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