How to Heal Pokemon in Pokemon GO

How to Heal Pokemon in Pokemon GO

After reaching the fifth level in Pokemon GO, you get the opportunity to fight with other teams in gyms. The first experience of battles for many users is not entirely successful. Even if you were able to win the battle, the part of your Pokemon life was lost and needs to be replenished. In this guide, we will tell you how to heal your Pokemon in Pokemon GO.

How to Heal Pokemon in Pokemon GO?

In fact, the treatment of Pokémon in the game is very simple. Literally, it can be done in two clicks. To heal any Pokémon wounded in battle, you will need the Potion. As a rule, they are given to you after reaching the 5th level in the amount of 10 pieces.

To use the potion, you need to do the following:

  • Enter your inventory (backpack). To do this, click on the Pokeball icon.
  • After that, click on the “Items” button with the backpack icon.
  • In the item menu, find a purple flask with a pink liquid called “Potion.” This will be your potion, which will restore the life of the Pokemon by 20 units.
  • After you click on the potion, a list of injured Pokémon will appear. Choose the one and click on it until the lives are restored to the end.

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Also in Pokémon Go, at higher levels, you will have stronger recovery potions: Super Potion (available from level 10), Hyper Potion (available from level 15), and Mega Potion (available from level 25). They restore Pokémon’s HP by 50 units, 200 units, and up to the full stock.

Quite often in the game, there are such cases that your Pokemon cannot be healed. In this case, you will have to resurrect it. You can do this with the help of the magic stone of resurrection.

How to Resurrect a Pokemon in Pokemon Go?

In order to resurrect a pokemon, you need to re-enter the menu, then select “Items,” and then find the icon of the yellow stone “Revive” and click on it. Then select the pokemon in the proposed list.

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How to Heal Pokemon in Pokemon GO


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