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How to Have Children in Stardew Valley – Tips & Guide

How to Have Children in Stardew Valley – Tips & Guide
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This article will give you all the information you need on how to have children in Stardew Valley – keep on reading to find out everything!

Stardew Valley is all about building the perfect farm, but it’s also about making your ideal family life. At some point you’ll find a bachelor or bachelorette character that you like and when you marry them, you can start having kids together. For that to happen though, you need something.

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What You Need in Order to Begin Parenthood in Stardew Valley

Harvey the villager in Stardew Valley
Credit to ConcernedApe

Obviously, the first step to parenthood in the game is marriage. There’s no way to have kids as a single person. If you want to, you can go through the process of marriage and getting pregnant and then divorce your spouse for 50000 gold after they’re born. The children will live with you on the farm full-time, so you’ll basically be a single parent.

Whatever your end goals are, you have to go through the process of courting an eligible bachelor or bachelorette by giving them gifts. The first step is to offer them a bouquet that you can purchase at Pierre’s shop which will officially change their status with you to girlfriend or boyfriend. Do this when you have at least eight hearts with them.

How to Ask a Villager to Marry You in Stardew Valley

The second step is to propose to your partner when you reach ten hearts. For this, you need a Mermaids Pendant, which you can get from the man who appears on the beach on rainy days. This is the only way you can get a Mermaid’s Pendant. Also, you need to have upgraded your place at least once in order to be eligible for marriage. The bachelor pad that you start out with just doesn’t suit two people.

Renovating the Farmhouse in Stardew Valley

Once you get married and your spouse moves in with you, the next step is to get the house to its second upgrade, where living space for children will be added. When all the conditions are right, your partner will ask you if you want to have children, and if you agree, the baby will come two weeks later. Same-sex couples are not left out of the party here, they will have the same process, but the baby will come through adoption instead of conception.

Can You Have a Second Child in Stardew Valley?

If you want to have a second baby, make sure that you keep the crib that’s in the house because if you take it out at any point, you won’t be able to conceive kids’ period. The process is the same, keep your spouse happy, and the right furniture conditions; it’s just a matter of time. Once your first child is old enough to sleep in a regular bed, you’ll get the option of having baby number two because the next kid will of course use the crib.

How to Have Children in Stardew Valley Multiplayer

For people who want to have a child in the multiplayer mode, the requirements are the same as the story mode except that both players have to agree to have a child when asked. Once that goes through, a baby will come after two weeks just like if you were married to a villager.

To sum up, all you have to do for kids is have a honey bunny and the right space for them. You can raise a family today in Stardew Valley!

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How to Have Children in Stardew Valley – Tips & Guide