How to Have a Big Family in Virtual Families 3 – Guide and Tips

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Virtual Families 3 is a fun life simulation similar to The Sims but with many differences. To promote game progress, you need to give your little people more freedom of action, but still, a lot in the game also depends on you. Many players want to create a big and happy family, and in today’s article, we will tell you how to do it.

How to Have a Big Family in Virtual Families 3 – Guide and Tips

By playing the game, without making any special efforts, you can create a family of 3-5 people and for many, this is more than enough. But still, some players want to have a family with more than ten people, and this is not so easy to do. Although the game is quite variable, you will need to follow some unspoken rules to create a large family:

  • The game allows you to create a pair of any gender, but if you want to have a large family, your married pair must consist of a man and a woman.
  • Be prepared to buy a lot of products. The refrigerator should always be filled, even before your family is big.
  • Your married pair should be young, so you will be more likely to have many children. Also, when choosing a pair for yourself, be guided by the “Wants Kids” parameter, which should be Definitely.

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  • After the wedding, there is a chance that your pair will have a child, or if you are lucky, you may have twins. After the birth of each child, you need to praise your little people that they would like to have new children.
  • Next, you need to try again and again to have a new child, and if the pair is young and loves children, you can do this many times.
  • You can also adopt one or more children at a later date.

If you follow these tips and keep trying, your family could be two adults and 11-12 kids, which is a lot. But remember that this whole family needs to be fed and loved, and it will become a little harder to play.

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How to Have a Big Family in Virtual Families 3 – Guide and Tips


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