How to Get Warmaiden Fast in Raid: Shadow Legends


Warmaiden is an impressive rare champion in Raid: Shadow Legends and if you want to get her fast in the game, then you’ve come to right place. In this article we’ll be guiding you on how to get Warmaiden fast in Raid: Shadow Legends.

Getting Warmaiden in Raid: Shadow Legends

Warmaiden is a Rare champion from the Barbarians factions with a magic affinity. Players can obtain her from both mystery shards and ancient shards from the game’s campaign mode.


Obtaining Warmaiden from either mystery shards or ancient shards are the two ways you can get your hands on this Rare champion currently. Being able to obtain her without the use of summoning shards is one of the reasons why she’s a special champion in Raid: Shadow Legends.

Players can still acquire Warmaiden via pulling shards, although being able to obtain Warmaiden from the campaign means even new players can get their hands on her as well. There’s really no fast way of getting Warmaiden in Raid: Shadow Legends as she’s a very popular character.

So that’s we have for you on how to get Warmaiden in Raid: Shadow Legends. She’s a remarkable champion that new players should try to have atleast one of her cards amongt their champions. Warmaiden is also farmable and can be farmed from the Deadlands in campaign stage 9.

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How to Get Warmaiden Fast in Raid: Shadow Legends


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