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How To Get VIP Badges in Last Shelter: Survival

How To Get VIP Badges in Last Shelter: Survival

The VIP Shop may not be a fundamental unlock in Last Shelter: Survival for those who enjoy the game casually, but it is definitely a very important facility to have available for those who want to be the best at the game, and are not afraid to invest real money into it.

But how do you unlock the VIP Shop in Last Shelter: Survival? You do so not with VIP points, as many players think, but with VIP Badges? And how do you get VIP Badges? Let us find out.

VIP Badges

The VIP Badges are special badges that are required to unlock the VIP Shop in Last Shelter: Survival. A total of 10,000 badges is needed to unlock the shop, which will then be available permanently.

There are two ways to earn VIP Badges in Last Shelter: Survival. The first one is by purchasing the 3 types of weekly packages. These packages, sadly, can only be purchased with real money, so you may end up spending something in the realm of $100 to obtain the badges required to unlock the shop.

The second way to earn VIP Badges in Last Shelter: Survival is via the alliance system. Thanks to this system, you will be awarded a small number of VIP Badges when anyone in your current alliance purchases a VIP Package. Unfortunately, this method is not particularly reliable, as the amount of badges obtained this way varies between 5 and 50, but you may end up saving some money if you are in a particularly active alliance that is not afraid of spending real money every now and then.

VIP Shop

Having to spend real money to get the VIP Badges needed to unlock the VIP Shop, one may ask if the effort is well worth it. The answer to this question is a resounding yes if you’re a hardcore Last Shelter: Survival player, as the VIP Shop gives access to tons of different bonuses that only get better as the shop’s level increases. Stuff like Fighter, Shooter, Vehicle Might, and Resistance bonuses can make a huge difference, so don’t be afraid of spending those hard-earned VIP points: some of these bonuses can make you go a long way. VIP Points can also be obtained fairly easily, compared to VIP Badges at least, so you will surely find a way to make decent use of the VIP Shop.

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How To Get VIP Badges in Last Shelter: Survival


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