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How to Get Unlimited Arrows and Rokas in World of Stands

How to Get Unlimited Arrows and Rokas in World of Stands
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Stand Arrows get you new Stands and unique abilities, but Roka is the common name for a consumable that is originally called Locacaca in World of Stands, a Roblox game heavily inspired by the anime Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. It is a coveted resource because eating Roka is the only way to get rid of current Specs or Stands.

There are several ways to get these items in this Roblox game. In this guide, we will show you how to get unlimited Arrows and Rokas in World of Stands.

Where to find Arrows and Rokas in World of Stands

One way to find Arrows in World of Stands is to explore the world around you. World of Stands features numerous chests scattered across the map, and some of them are bound to have Arrows and Rokas.

Another way is to finish quests, especially the main mission, and you will get some Arrows as a reward upon completion. You can also fight different bosses and wait to see what they drop or scour the internet for World of Stands codes that can be redeemed for free rewards in the game. In most cases, these codes will give you some free Arrows and Rokas.

How to get unlimited Arrows and Rokas in World of Stands

If you’re not satisfied with the amount of Arrows and Rokas you find in World of Stands using the methods mentioned above, you could go for a different approach and get virtually unlimited access to these items.

The first method will require you to create another account (or multiple accounts) and then finish the Lazy Gardener’s quest at the Joestar Mansion over and over again. You can even make this quest easier by jumping over the wall and approaching the bushes you need to beat from behind. Yes, you can attack them through the wall. This quest will reward you with one Locacaca Fruit that you can just drop and have your main account pick it up.

The other method will require you to fight. Go and find the Bounty Master in the alley behind the building in front of the Joestar Mansion (or head to New York and talk to one in the parking garage). You will see that you can get Rokas for 1 Bounty point and Arrows for 2 Bounty points. To obtain Bounty points, you can set bounties or just go around and beat up lower-level players. This method requires some grinding, but you won’t need to create new accounts.

And that’s how you get unlimited Arrows and Rokas in World of Stands in Roblox. Let us know which method you prefer and check out our Codes section to get freebies for your other Roblox games with no effort.

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How to Get Unlimited Arrows and Rokas in World of Stands


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