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How to Get Underwater Mask in MultiCraft

How to Get Underwater Mask in MultiCraft
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Multicraft is an addicting survival game in a world made from cubes. In fact, this is a clone of Minecraft, but for android devices. The game has many different objects that you can craft, as well as hidden objects that cannot be crafted or found. In this guide, we are going to tell you about the Underwater Mask.

How to Get Underwater Mask

The Underwater Mask is an item that cannot be obtained in the usual way. And so, first, you need to get special privileges. To do this, open the console in the game and write the following command:

  • /grantme give

You will see a message that you have received the Privileges of Player.

Now you can use commands to get special blocks or items, including the Underwater Mask.

Several commands will give you this Mask:

  • /giveme 3d_armor: helmet_mask
  • /giveme helmet_mask

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After that, you will get a cool Underwater Mask in your hand. You can put it on the armor stand. And also you can equip the Mask on your character. However, once you are underwater, the Underwater Mask will not change the swimming mechanics in any way. So, the air supply will be spent at the same rate as without the Mask. And you also won’t get better underwater vision.

Unfortunately, the Underwater Mask is a decorative item that can only be worn. We hope that in the future the developers will add features for this Underwater Mask. In the meantime, you can enjoy the cool look of your character.

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How to Get Underwater Mask in MultiCraft


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