How to Get Type 1 Chip in Tower of Fantasy


Type 1 Chip is a key item in Tower of Fantasy that players can use to unlock Type 1 Password chests that players come across while exploring the open world. It is an important item you must have handy if you want the Type 1 Password chests to yield more loot than normal. To help you out, we have this handy guide that explains how to get Type 1 Chip in Tower of Fantasy.

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So, without any further ado, let us check out what you have to do to get a Type 1 chip in Tower of Fantasy. 

How to Get Type 1 Chip in Tower of Fantasy

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You can get Type 1 Chip in Tower of Fantasy mainly by opening Type 1 Password chests and Rusted Iron chests. You also get the Type 1 chip from completing Bounty Missions and Weekly Missions as a reward. You can always check your backpack from the Pause Menu to check the exact number of Type 1 or Type 2 chips you are holding.  

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The Type 1 Chips are not that rare to come by. You get one or two at the beginning of the game. Moreover, when you come across a Type 1 Password Chest, you can use the “Perfect Decipher” option to use the Type 1 chip to open the said chest to get more loot than what you get with the “Forced Decipher” option. 

And guess what? You have a chance to get back the Type 1 chip when you open the Type 1 Password chest. So, keep exploring and stacking the chip, as there are around 197 T1 Password chests found all around the Aesperia map of Aida. 

Tower of Fantasy is a gacha-based MMORPG available on the Android, iOS, and PC platforms.

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How to Get Type 1 Chip in Tower of Fantasy


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