How to Get to Cetus Island in Tower of Fantasy


Cetus Island is one of the most interesting places in Tower of Fantasy. No secret that a lot of players try to get there. However, there are some problems in getting to this place. Read this guide, and you will find out how to get to Cetus Island in Tower of Fantasy. No time to lose; let’s get started!

Getting to Cetus Island in Tower of Fantasy

If you have tried getting to Cetus Island, you know that you need to have a grapping hook. And the only way to get this hook is to buy it in the shop, which is pretty expensive. And in this guide, you will find the way to get to Cetus Island without the hook.

So, you will be using the cables connected to Cetus Island. However, the point is that not every cable is suitable for this. You need to choose the cable that goes straight to the ground. And all you need is to climb on this cable.

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You must make your way to Cetus Island when you are on the cable. However, keep in mind that as far as you go, it will become hard to keep going. At the end of the cable, you will be forced to climb, and after that, just jump on the inner circle under the island. To do it, you need to use the jetpack.

Here, at the inner circle, you will find the pillars that allow you to climb inside the island. Climb these pillars, and you will find the gap you need to get into. And that is all, use the Omnium Hand Cannon, and you will be on Cetus Island.

In conclusion, getting to Cetus Island without grapping hook is challenging. Moreover, this glitch might be fixed in further updates. Therefore, buying the hook in the store is a way better decision. This will save you some time. That is how it is. Thank you for reading the guide. Hope you find it helpful!

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How to Get to Cetus Island in Tower of Fantasy


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