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How to Get Titans in War Robots

How to Get Titans in War Robots
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If you’re fascinated by the idea of piloting massive machines into battle, War Robots is the game for you. War Robots is a multiplayer PvP game featuring intense battles between battle robots with unique abilities. In December 2019, Pixonic introduced a new type of robot called Titan in War Robots. Previously, there were only three robot types: Light, medium, and heavy. Titans are the ultimate war machines in War Robots. Read on to find out how to unlock Titans.

War Robots Titan Guide

Leveling up is necessary in War Robots as it unlocks new robots, weapons, and other features. To get Titans in War Robots, you will first have to reach level 30. Participating in battles, upgrading robots, and playing events are great ways to gain experience points. After reaching level 30, you will automatically get a Titan robot called Kid for free.

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Titan robots

Kid is a beginner-friendly Titan, great for players who haven’t played Titan robots. Once you are used to Kid and understand its abilities, you can buy titans from the shop in exchange for platinum. This is a currency added specifically for purchasing titans. Before spending your valuable platinum, make sure to research the Titan you have decided on. Here are some Titans available in the store:

  • Kid: 300 platinum
  • Arthur: 400 platinum
  •  Ao Ming: 500 platinum
  •  Nodens: 1000 platinum
  •  Sharanga: 1000 platinum

Other than these, there are other Titan robots like Heimdall, Indra, Luchador, and more. War Robots also feature limited characters available only for a short period of time. Limited Titans usually come with major game updates.

Adding Titans to your War Robots arsenal can be a game-changing experience. With their immense power and size, Titans can turn the tide of battle in your favor. But remember, Titans are not invincible and require skill and strategy to use effectively.

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How to Get Titans in War Robots


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